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Enriching the lives of young people, encouraging them to realize their potential as musical, intellectual and social beings since 1933

Support Greenwood

13We are proud to offer need-based scholarships amounting to over 20% of total tuition, and the Annual Fund is essential to continuing to make Greenwood available to as many young musicians as possible. Each year, 30% to 40% of enrolled campers are awarded some form of financial aid..   The Annual Fund also supports our continued efforts to maintain and upgrade the facilities.

Greenwood has updated the on-line giving page to allow for recurring gifts.  When  you make a donation to the Annual Fund, you can NOW choose to have a certain sum of money donated weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or just one time.

We hope you will consider this choice when making your donation.


THANK YOU for your generosity.  We appreciate it.






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