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Enriching the lives of young people, encouraging them to realize their potential as musical, intellectual and social beings since 1933

About Us

18Greenwood History

Founded in 1933 by Dorothy (Bunny) Fay Little, Dwight Little, and Ruth Hill McGregor, Greenwood Music Camp was a pioneer and model for many other music programs. Its founders believed that a life which combined the profound sharing and group-level interaction of the chamber music experience with a supportive, family-like daily life, would lead to extraordinary musical and social growth.

From its very first years right up to the present, Greenwood has enriched the lives of young people, encouraging them to develop their musical, intellectual, and social selves and forging lifetime friendships.

Since 1940, Greenwood has occupied an 80-acre wooded estate in Cummington, a rural community in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts. The main house (with its panoramic view of the Berkshire hills to the west), the new barn, and old barn are centers of social and musical life, with the new barn serving also as an elegant performance space for the camp. The campus includes a swimming pool, a tennis court, soccer field, numerous outbuildings for individual practice and rehearsals, and boys’ cabins and girls’ cabins.

Deb Sherr has been leading Senior camp since 1983 when the camp founders retired. Sally Bagg led the Junior camp from 1983 until 2012, when Debby Greenebaum succeeded her as Junior Camp Director.

Board Membership

The Greenwood Board has existed since 1963 and consists of former campers, staff, parents, and Greenwood community members. The board convenes 3 times per year to make decisions on topics including buildings and grounds, development and finances, camp policies, and alumni events. To get in touch with members of the board, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since the early 1990s, there have been roughly 20 members on the board, serving a renewable four-year term. The 2020-21 membership is below.

Adam Backenroth
Michael Casimir
Rebecca Doggett
Monica Felkel
Rebecca  Fischer
William Forsyth, Jr
Debby Greenebaum
Aaron Helfand
David Hobbie
Shindy Johnson
Oliver Klein 
Stephanie Kwei
Rodney Lister
Ken McIntosh
Wanfang Murray
Peter Neumann
Deb Sherr
Lisa Terizzi
Mark Trumpler
Boris Wolfson